Our Values

  • Conduct Business with Integrity & Fairness
  • Focus on Our Customers Needs
  • Continuously Train Our Employees & Improve Our Processes
  • Provide Quality Products & Services
  • Reward Employees on Merit & Promote Teamwork
  • Maintain Safe & Healty Working Environments
  • Promoda Tekstil completes 100% of its production in the house after the grey fabric enters the facility.
  • Printing, transfer process, cutting, sewing, cushion filling, packing and delivery is done in the same location.
  • Each product in the production is controlled one by one during each step of the process.
  • Therefore 2nd choice after delivery is always below average rate in the market.
  • As a reliable manufacturer having one of the biggest capacity is the country, our experienced staff can produce 10.000 cushions per day.
  • Facility is being audited by several auditors 4-5 times during the year.